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Dear YOU, who found Loved by Elli Jewellery,

thanks so much for visiting this online shop and wanting to know more about the brand!

Let me tell you a little bit about the label, how everything started, about me - the creator and founder - and the personal story behind Loved by Elli.

I've always been creative and love making "things", especially on a small and delicate scale. While I was still studying Educational Science in Berlin (my hometown), working with metal started fascinating me as it seemed like an exciting different way of creating. When I moved to South Africa in 2015 and after having met incredible and talented artists in Cape Town, I decided to dedicate this new chapter of my life to my creativitiy and to take a break from the scientific path I was walking.

I started taking classes in jewellery design and manufacturing and shortly after that working for another Cape Town based jewellery brand until I decided to go my own way.

Moving from Germany to South Africa also meant that I had to leave another life behind and my mother "Elli", who I have a very strong bond with. I'm forever grateful for her love and support for everything I have been pursuing throughout my life.

Loved by Elli Jewellery is dedicated to her.

When creating, I focus on simplicity and both delicate & bold designs that reflect my journey and experiences. As the workshop and "birthplace" of each and every jewellery item is situated in the peaceful region of the Karoo a lot of inspiration is found in nature. Most of the items are very classic and timeless, sometimes combined with other materials, not following specific trends.

I'm also working on "natural" designs using stones and crystals I pick up in the Karoo, where I live most of the time. I love the idea of using raw and untouched treasures from nature, making once off pieces that are unique and allow to carry a tiny part of our planet with you.

Each Loved by Elli piece is designed and handmade by me using locally sourced materials. I'm trying my best to work as ethical and sustainable as possible considering materials, tools, ressources, recycling and packaging. 

Thanks for taking your time to dive deeper into Loved by Elli's story - having understanding and supporting customers means everything!

Have fun exploring this website and contact me in case you have any questions, recommendations or feedback!

Much Love,